Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So I downloaded the new MSN Live Messenger right? MSN Messenger was already an overstuffed bloated kinda okay program so it took me a while to decide if I really wanted it. Ummmmmmm.... LOVE! Yay MSN! This new messenger is super cool and fun to fly!!! The appearance hasn't changed too much, but overall it's an improvement. My favorite new feature is the shared files folders. You can have one for everyone on your buddy list. Basicly, you can put whatever you want in there and so can your friend and both of you can totally access any of the files whenever you want, even if one of you is offline! Woot! MSN file transfers were soooo slow before but this should totally help everything. Another cool feature of MSN Live is that if you have any friends with Yahoo Messenger accounts you can add them just like all of your MSN buddies without having to get a Yahoo account! Yay MSN! Keep up the good work Bill Gates! o.O


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