Monday, July 17, 2006

My First Blog

So. I made this totally randomly because Colby made one and I thought it looked a bit cooler than Livejournal. Yay. Let's see what's new:

  • This past weekend the fam took a trip over to Academy mostly so my mom and I could look at the massive clothing sale. I bought a skirt (O.O), some more shorts, and like 4 new shirts for less than $50! Woot! My little brother Jack bought himself some rollerblades and Jack and Ben both bought these toy guns that shoot yellow foam balls. Barrels of fun! -_- After that my dad and I went to check out the archery stuff, which I have always had a desire to try. After about 5 minutes my dad told me that he'd buy me a bow. Woot! New toy! So now the fence has a lot of holes in it, my fingers hurt like heck, and I'm having a pretty fun time trying to hit the tiny target across the yard. I'm not exactly ready for the Olympics yet. x_x
  • I watched episode 155 of Naruto today. Only about 40 to go! o.o That wouldn't seem like much except that ever since the Naruto vs. Sasuke Battle of Awesomeness it's been (and will continue to be) nothing but freaking filler episodes! Ahhhhh! I'm getting so sick of watching episode after episode of meaningless missions! Where is Sasuke and Orochimaru??! Dah! Well, I made watching all of the currently released Naruto episodes one of my goals this summer so just because of that and the fact that it will become awesome again one day, I will push on. Wish me luck. :)

Blah. I know you want to know more about what's going on with me than my experiences in archery and Naruto, but honestly I just don't feel like writing any more today so you'll just have to settle with that for now. Sorry! :)


Blogger ((colby)) said...

Yay! My crappy template-like blog design looks better than LiveJournal. xD

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