Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I have officially decided to stop watching Naruto for a while. Apparently the anime got ahead of the manga and for fear of not staying true to the creator's story the anime has been forced to slow down, get off the main story, and do filler episodes.... FIFTY of them!! That's right... fifty! From episode 152 to 200 is pointless! x_x I have been forcing myself to watch crap that has no relevance at all to main story for two weeks now and I just can't take it any more! According to speculation, the story will start back up again at episode 200, which is the begining of season 9. At this point the story will jump two years in the future and pick up with the good stuff. Naruto and the others will have two years of training and new techniques (not to mention new outfits) behind them which should make for some sweet new action. I just hate waiting around and watching fillers! Although I hear that if they had not just done fillers the show might have been cancelled which I must admit would have been far worse. -_- 194 episodes have been released as of today, so that means in five weeks the fun should begin. I can't wait! ^^ Until that time I have decided to switch from ninjas to pirates and watch One Piece. I also need to finish watching Outlaw Star. Although... that's not to say I won't watch a bit of Naruto from time to time. How about, ohhh... I don't know.... episode 180?? Geez... fillers suck.


Blogger ((colby)) said...

I, too, have had bad experience with anime filler episodes. I really don't understand what the purpose of doing that to a series is...

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